Livestream Bring your loved ones to your wedding Ceremony!

Professional Audio and Video

Why Livestream?

Livestreaming your wedding will mean that EVERYONE can be a part of your wedding day. It also means that you can share your wedding with people all across the world! Your friends and family don't have to hear about it afterwards, they can join in and be a part of the most important day of your life!

Here's what is included

Single Camera Ceremony Livestream

Livestream is no simple thing to do. It is all about audio quality. Anyone can put a phone on a tripod and do facebook live. The problem with that is that it's extremely hard to hear anything when you do that. A single gust of wind or someone talking in the wrong direction will mean that your family members could miss out on the most important moment of your life! That is why we spent years and thousands of dollars perfecting our livestream. We've come up with a solution that takes up a small amount of floorspace, records professional audio and has backup features so we make sure that we have your wedding covered.

All the Details:
  • Up to 1 hr livestream
  • 1 Camera Angle
  • 4K local recording backup (no matter what happens to the internet, you’ll have your wedding available online within the day)
  • A dedicated webpage for your livestream
  • Livestream available for download after
  • Battery-powered livestream rig - meaning you can livestream from anywhere in the world!
  • Independent wifi hotspot for livestream
  • Professional audio equipment for livestreaming
  • Camera can be setup at the back of the ceremony
Starting at $945

+ travel fees ($0.68 per km)

Full Day Livestream - Ceremony + Speeches 

  • Two 4K cinema cameras set up recording to a local card.
  • Separate shotgun mic on a stand to pickup audio.
  • Full length high-res video recording of ceremony delivered via digital download
  • Full length high-res video recording of reception with speeches delivered via digital download
  • 1hr Coverage for Ceremony
  • 2-3 hr Coverage of Reception

+ travel fees ($0.68 per km)

Single Camera Ceremony Livestream

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